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next meeting

Our next meeting will be Thursday March 27th at 7:15pm.

We will read the middle chapters of McDaniel’s Living from the Center and will augment it with an article by John Cobb on process christology from The Handbook of Process Theology. This extra Cobb article is available as a pdf for you to download and print yourself, or copies will be available at the church.

get the pdf here: process christology reading


our first meeting

We met for the first time on September 27th to discuss where we wanted to go and what we wanted to get out of the group. It was an exciting first meeting. To help start discussion (not that we needed anything but our own questions!) some of us read an article from Cross Currents entitled “Theology and the City: Learning to Cry, Struggling to See” by Jim Perkinson.

In my understanding of our discussion, I would highlight these interests of the group: We are particularly interested in how theology speaks to our particular context in the city of Vancouver. We are interested in new ways of thinking and talking about ‘God’. We are interested in the pressing justice questions of our day: poverty, homelessness, the ecological crisis, economic segregation, individualism and consumerism. We are interested in the relationship between how we understand God and how we understand the city and the justice issues at play in the city.

What do you think we need to talk about?