November meeting

Our next meeting will be on November 29th in the salons at St. Andrews-Wesley and we will be discussing the book On Religion by John D. Caputo.


3 responses to “November meeting

  1. Eva Maria Hermann

    Eva Maria Hermann // November 24, 2007 at 9:01 am

    Dear AW Theology. I like to know who’s choice and what reason was our pick “ On religion” to read.
    I finally got hold on the book and it took me 6 hours to get through the authors poetic rumblings. I am at page 42.
    Now Mr. Caputo talks about “secularization”. Laps Six to Seven centuries together from Enlightenment to Modernity.
    Hi still idolising St. Augustine with the Body and Spirit dualistic theology, which cursing our way of thinking and speech even today. God and Evil. “If you are not with us you are with the terrorist”.
    In his straggle of self realisation I could give him a couple of personal advise. Let him know that life is a pilgrimage of becoming, as long he would stop talking over my had . I hade to let my steam out, you will tell where I am wrong.
    I leave you with St. ANSELM’s rejoice and “thank God to help me understand what I believe”.
    I promise to struggle over the rest of the “self confession” of the author and my final criticism will be more apologetic and benign.
    Peace Eva Maria
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  2. This book was one that Gary suggested from the beginning since Caputo is a process theologian, and there was interest in process theology in the group. I like Caputo’s emphasis on the weak power of God and on the central theme of religion being love.

    That’s my initial comment, I’ll think more about your criticisms (some of which I’m sure I’ll agree with, I don’t like 100% of what Caputo says, but I like a lot of it) and then I will try to write some more comments.

  3. Eva Maria Hermann

    Shannon, what a wonderful name. I am glade you didn’t reacted to my hasty reaction to John D.
    It would have cost me more apology. I wish I had started to read his book at chapter #4.
    From there on I am agreeing with his insight. Being a refugee from the 1956 Hungarian revolution I could complete his perception from my personal experience.
    Love & Peace
    Eva Maria

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