readings for october

A package of readings for our next meeting on October 25th will be available at the church.

Here is what it contains:

Living from the Center by Jay McDaniel, pp. 11-32 (introduction)

Life Abundant by Sallie McFague, pp. 3-24 (chapter 1), & appendix

Postcolonial Theologies edited by Keller, Nausner & Rivera, pp. 1-19 (introduction)

Urban Christianity and Global Order by Andrew Davey, pp. 3-27 (chapters 1 & 2)

Then a couple of resources on process theology are also included:

Handbook of Process Theology edited by McDaniel & Bowman, pp. 4-7 (key terms list)

God, Christ, Church by Marjorie Suchocki, pp. 237-259 (appendix & glossary)


One response to “readings for october

  1. The reading packages should be available this week at the church.

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