our first meeting

We met for the first time on September 27th to discuss where we wanted to go and what we wanted to get out of the group. It was an exciting first meeting. To help start discussion (not that we needed anything but our own questions!) some of us read an article from Cross Currents entitled “Theology and the City: Learning to Cry, Struggling to See” by Jim Perkinson.

In my understanding of our discussion, I would highlight these interests of the group: We are particularly interested in how theology speaks to our particular context in the city of Vancouver. We are interested in new ways of thinking and talking about ‘God’. We are interested in the pressing justice questions of our day: poverty, homelessness, the ecological crisis, economic segregation, individualism and consumerism. We are interested in the relationship between how we understand God and how we understand the city and the justice issues at play in the city.

What do you think we need to talk about?


3 responses to “our first meeting

  1. Eva Maria Hermann

    In spite our chaotic, I mean unstructured first meeting is joyful to realise that we could clarify what we wish to be about. I personally pray that my Creator will help my spirit as a Dyslexic going 89 will be able to keep up with your young fast brains. I hope a will not be a nonsense burden in the group.
    Eva Maria
    P.C. What is exactly “individualism”?
    By the way, A N Whitehead was also dyslexic

  2. thanks for your comment Eva, it is much appreciated. I hope I can keep up with your critical-thinking and challenging brain!

    I think by “individualism” I am probably thinking about my own perception, maybe not something from the group exactly.

    When I use that word I’m thinking about how a lot of our culture focuses on self-sufficiency and people only thinking of themselves, to the point where people are just seen as selfish consumers. I am interested in how we can raise people’s awareness of how dependent we actually are on each other, and how to understand our relatedness better.

    I’ll talk more about this tonight.

  3. Eva Maria Hermann

    Dear AW Theology. I like to know who’s choice and what reason was our pick “ On religion” to read.
    I finally got hold on the book and it took me 6 hours to get through the authors poetic rumblings. I am at page 42.
    Now Mr. Caputo talks about “secularization”. Laps Six to Seven centuries together from Enlightenment to Modernity.
    Hi still idolising St. Augustine with the Body and Spirit dualistic theology, which cursing our way of thinking and speech even today. God and Evil. “If you are not with us you are with the terrorist”.
    In his straggle of self realisation I could give him a couple of personal advise. Let him know that life is a pilgrimage of becoming, as long he would stop talking over my had . I hade to let my steam out, you will tell where I am wrong.
    I leave you with St. ANSELM’s rejoice and “thank God to help me understand what I believe”.
    I promise to struggle over the rest of the “self confession” of the author and my final criticism will be more apologetic and benign.
    Peace Eva Maria

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